Cicely Tyson - Instinct

Hey good people, 

I hope you're enjoying the changing colors of fall! It's amazing how trees instinctively change their colors from green to gold, red, and even hot pink! (Se pic below.) Speaking of…

Over the summer I read part of TD Jake's book Instinct, which I was reminded of after watching an interview with Cicely Tyson this past weekend. 

Ms. Tyson explained her motivation for becoming an actress began when she was a 19 year old typist.  After watching another typist in the typing pool receive a gold plated wristwatch after 30 years of service, Ms. Tyson declared, "God did not put me on this earth to bang on this typewriter. There must be something else for me to do and I gonna find it!" 

Instinctively she knew there was something better for her and she was determined to find it.  Just think, would we have ever known the gifts of Oprah and Viola Davis, both of whom site Cicely Tyson as their inspiration, if she didn't?

Maybe something better is waiting to be found by you too!

I'm in the midst of recording, and I wrote a song about just that called Something Better.  I can't wait for you to hear it! Until then below are some of the lyrics.  Check it out.

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Something Better 
Waiting for change
Life's gotten dusty cause she
Settled for safe
What she left on the shelf
dreams to change the world
she needs courage
to hold them again
knowing life's worth the risk cause
There's gotta be something better than this!

Hot Pink Tree!

Hot Pink Tree!

Much Love!

Paula D Ralph Birkett

Paula Ralph Birkett is a singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and monologist creating art for folks going through some kind of transition.  Whether they are building a business, recovering from a loss, getting healthy, becoming an adult - she believes everyone has a champion inside that could use reinforcement.  Paula loves to explore stories of trial and triumph so listeners can imagine their own path of possibilities.