Thinking of you...

Hey Good People. Been thinking of y'all! 

I've been playing a couple of festivals this summer with Tyrone Birkett | Emanciaption.  Here's my performance with them at the Harlem Arts Festival in Harlem, NY.

As the world spins around, and if it's got you down I truely hope the words, feeling and movement of this video give you a lift.  

Click it, View it, Share it, and hit me back to let me know what you think.

Sending love and hugs,

Paula D Ralph Birkett

Paula Ralph Birkett is a singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and monologist creating art for folks going through some kind of transition.  Whether they are building a business, recovering from a loss, getting healthy, becoming an adult - she believes everyone has a champion inside that could use reinforcement.  Paula loves to explore stories of trial and triumph so listeners can imagine their own path of possibilities.