Now is the Time

Hey Good People!

I hope your summer is going beautifully. 
During these really uncertain times it is so important to drink in the beauty of life, NOW!  Yes it’s important to wait for the right time, but it’s more important to know what time it is.  And like Charlie Parker’s famous song says ‘Now is the Time’.
So while I wait to finish my recording I realize now is the time to hear what I’ve written for just these times. Check out my YouTube channel here to view snippets of my new music. (It’s just me and the keyboard. Yikes!)

I’m creating a new video and posting it on Facebook every Tuesday under #NewTuneTuesday.  But if you subscribe to the channel you can check it out on Monday when I publish it!  Be one of the first to hear the new music and get a behind the scenes look at why I’ve written what I’ve written.

Until next Tuesday, drink in life because Now is the Time.
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Love and Light,