Champion in Training - You

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! And the truth of the matter is, what you do today will make it PROOF.  

I don’t go to movies like use to, but this spring and summer there will be a plethora of superhero movies coming out and I know I will see at least one of them.  I like the flawed hero like Wolverine or Spider Man because they remind me of myself.  No, I do not consider myself a superhero. (Some One already has that role ;o) But I do believe I am champion in training.

As a matter of fact I believe we all have a champion inside that could use a little reinforcement. I’ve seen that when we connect our thoughts with Love we choose the champion. And that’s when possibilities turn into proof.  That is the main reason I create music and art!

On March 26th I’ll be headlining at Jazz @ St. Albans in Queens, NY.  On April 10th I’ll be rocking songs and spoken word at the Roc-A-Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Expo in mid-town Manhattan. (More on that later!)  And May 14th I’ll be pouring out good vibes and positivity at the Inside Outer Beauty Self-Care Symposium in Tribeca, NYC.

Come out to reinforce your champion so possibilities can turn into proof.

Can’t wait to see your face :O)

Love and Light,

Paula D Ralph Birkett

Paula Ralph Birkett is a singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and monologist creating art for folks going through some kind of transition.  Whether they are building a business, recovering from a loss, getting healthy, becoming an adult - she believes everyone has a champion inside that could use reinforcement.  Paula loves to explore stories of trial and triumph so listeners can imagine their own path of possibilities.