Happy Summer '16

Summer is coming!!! Wait by the time you read this it may actually BE summer. So Happy Summer '16!

I am finally going on vacation! I am too ashamed to even tell y'all how long it's been since I've been on one. See there is this imaginary voice that keeps goading me "Stay on your grind." That voice gets so loud sometimes that my eye starts twitching, my heart races and I'm pushed out of my peaceful place. So far out, that it's been umpteen years since I've gone on vaca.

I hate that non-peaceful place. It's like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella in the middle of a field. My sandals get soaked and my feet squish with mud, pebbles and water as I scramble back to the car. But when I'm relaxed and at peace I not only have that umbrella but my waterproof shoes AND a rain coat, LOL! It's like I can whether the storm despite the wind and rain.

Ever want to feel that way... unmoved by the storm?

Well if you're craving that feeling now, it's time to go on vacation! Even if it's in your own town I implore you to find peaceful place to recharge. No one but you will know how desperately you need it.

I'm starting summer off playing the Make Music New York Festival on Tues, June 21st. I'll be at the tranquil William B. Washington Memorial Garden at 4pm and then at MIST Harlem at 5pm. Here's a link to the schedule, http://bit.ly/28JoZU2.  Hope to see your face in the place ;o)

Below is a pic of a great place in upstate NY called Storm King Arts Center. It's a museum and park all in one!  A great place to recharge for an hours ride outside the city.  It won't beat a secluded island but it's a start ;o)

Storm King Arts Center, http://stormking.org/

Storm King Arts Center, http://stormking.org/

Till next time... PEACE.

Nothing but love,

Paula D Ralph Birkett

Paula Ralph Birkett is a singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and monologist creating art for folks going through some kind of transition.  Whether they are building a business, recovering from a loss, getting healthy, becoming an adult - she believes everyone has a champion inside that could use reinforcement.  Paula loves to explore stories of trial and triumph so listeners can imagine their own path of possibilities.