Nothing Compares to You

April is coming to a close and so many tragic and wonderful things have happened. For example, we lost musical legend Prince but have become more aware of the gift he was. The wonderful thing about the gift of Prince is that he reminded us that we were too.

I read an article that said Prince would have detested of all the artists covering his music. In paraphrasing it said he wanted folks to find their own song, their own style, and not borrow his. In essence he wanted them to find their own #SomethingBetter.

As you move into another month I hope you take a moment and think about how better your life can be. But don’t stop there! Act on that thought, pursue it. Get more sleep, eat more fruits and veggies, save some money for a vacation. (Ok I’m talking to myself here, LOL) I’ve learned you can’t do better until you know better. And even more, until you feel better.

On May 14th I’ll be encouraging the ladies at the Inside Outer Beauty Self-Care Symposium. If you’re in NYC I hope you can join the self-care conversation with entrepreneur, and wellness coach Dixie Lincoln-Nichols and a panel of insightful and informative life coaches, teachers and leaders. Get educated, inspired and motivated because like Prince wrote, Nothing Compares to You.

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Love and Light ,