Making it Last

Autumn Leaves


Can you believe we are in Autumn 2016?!?!  Like Donny Hathaway sang “Things are moving fast. Hold on tight, and you will last.”

Speaking of lasting…

I’m sending this reminder that you, YES YOU are special, beautiful and capable of achieving all you put your mind to. I’ve written a spoken word piece to remind you of just how powerful you are. Check out here

If you’re in the US a major election is upon us on Nov 8th.  And as you remember your ability and worth, this November I want you to vote for you!

Although I will not endorse either candidate, I do plan to vote. Why? Because I know my small, seemingly insignificant vote can change my school board, the judges who make decisions in my district, the council people in my area, etc.  We CAN change the trajectory toward something better once we believe we are able.

No matter how fast the world spins, let’s make what lasts as special and beautiful as we are.

Nothing but love!

PS: Are you registered? Be sure by clicking here.